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A Message from Kim McAllister: 

"Thank you for visiting me here at Rainbow Wings. I look forward to being of service to you! Meanwhile, please learn more About me, the Services I offer, and/or sign-up for my monthly Newsletter on this Email Link. Peace and blessings!"

Hear Kim describe who she is and what she does! 

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Kim's Credentials:

  • B.S. in Business Admin in Human Resources, Eastern Connecticut State University 1990
  • Spiritual Studies with Pastor Margo Ross Sears
  • Usui Reiki I & II Practitioner, Indigo Answers 2008
  • Angel Light Messenger, Jackie Eaton, RN 
  • Great Life Coach, Drs. Tomi Bryan & Jerry White 2009
  • Advanced Angel Card Reader, Dr. Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine 
  • Ordained Clergy, Light & Energy Workers Assn. 2010
  • Stephen Minster, United Methodist Church 
  • Realm Reader, Dr. Doreen Virtue 
  • Angel Intuitive, Dr. Doreen Virtue 
  • Angel Chatter Intuitive, Christine Alexandria 

Applause from Clients:

I've had three readings from Kim and they've all been extremely accurate! Kim is a caring and very intuitive person. I recommend her to anyone needing answers concerning their personal and public lives. A top-notch psychic!

~ Ray Stermann

When I first met Kim [in class], she only knew my name. We talked for a bit and told me about this man. She described him but I knew who it was before she did: my [deceased]  husband.  Kim had no idea that I was a widow; in fact, only 3 of the 15 of us knew it. She told me all about him--things only I knew. I'm so grateful that she did that for me! I have peace knowing he is at peace but I also am grateful to know when I thought he was with still me, that he really was.

~ Dee Mason Yoder

 I was blessed with the most beautiful reading! I have had many readings, but I must say the reading Kim did took my breath away. It is by far one of, if not the, best reading I have received. It is so obvious that she is a clear channel to the angels, spirit guides and beyond! THANK YOU KIM FOR SHARING THIS BEAUTIFUL GIFT WITH US. I encourage anyone to request a reading.

~ Dee Costa

If ever angels needed someone to represent them so well, they couldn’t have done better than Kim, a modern day Mom and Mystic who has made the 21st century the time of “Angels 2.0.” As a life coach and practicing intuitive, Kim blends both practical advice and common sense with surprisingly accurate insights to help people achieve their goals, insights that Kim often credits as angelic in origin. Even the renowned evangelist, Billy Graham, wrote a book on them called, “Angels.” As a trained HR professional with many years of experience helping people thrive in complex systems, Kim is a grounded person not subject to fantasy.  But Kim also has a great sense of humor and as a wife and mother, that keeps her grounded, too. Kim combines practical exercises with intuitive insights to help us discover our own gifts and personal power to transform our lives and soar with our own “wings.”   When you meet her, you’ll be convinced, too. Kim is the “real deal.”

~ Scott Washington

What a great reading!!!! Spot on. I couldn't be happier.

~ Lori Capobianco

Kim is an exceptional reader. She is very intuitive, knowing, and filled with kindness. And she radiates love!

~ Cathy Bandelow


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